FIRE & SAFETY SYSTEMS Marlborough's Fire Safety & LPG Specialists

Cylinder  Testing

LPG & CO2 cylinder, extinguisher and scuba tank testing...

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LPG  Services

LPG cylinder testing, refurbishment, filling and sales...

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Gas appliance & equipment repairs and maintenance....

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Fire  &  Safety  Systems

Fire  Extinguisher  Training

Theory Training

During our training sessions, attendees will undertake a 90 minute theory session covering the following:

Presentation on practical use of fire extinguishers

Classification of fire

The elements of the fire triangle

Questionnaire - open book

Practical Session

Attendees will extinguish actual fires with real extinguishers to give them the most effective experience in how to be ready in case of a real event.

During this practical training they will extinguish fires using the following hand held equipment.

CO2 extinguishers


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CO2  Services

CO2 cylinder testing, filling and sales...

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Cylinder Testing

Extinguisher and LPG & CO2 cylinder testing...

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Contact  Us

Fire & Safety Systems contact information...

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